Patented manufacturing system

This quality has been created by Filatures du parc thanks to a
new patented manufacturing system at the INPI in 2007.

Thanks to our new process of preparing and undoing the fiber, we change the knit into a fiber that has 95% of his original lenght.That is to say around 55 to 65 mm depending on the materials.

We have managed to create a network of knitting waste retrieval from main knitters in old Europe.We sort out the panels by shade and produce the colours by mixing different materials.

Consequently, these yarns have the same and sometimes better technical features than yarns made out of new fibers, particulary as far as breaking strenght (knitting ans weaving), elongation, abrasion, pilling and rubbing resistance are concerned.

This process also allows us to avoid overproduction of fibres, particulary, syntethic and cellulose ones, which can be very costly in water and energy and environnmental risky.
We are also able to get significant energy and water savings and reduced pollution avoiding dyeing the raw materials.

Nowadays, there is no product which can get better quotation on the Circular Economy market.

Waste recycling is a huge environmental problem for our planet 
You can contribute to the planet protection by knitting garments with this type of yarns.

A complete Life Cycle Analysis measures the environment impact of each stage of manufacture from raw material extraction to completed production.

The Life Cycle of our 100% Recycled Yarns has been carefully measured by the independant engineering company Systems Durables and confirmed by EVEA consulting.

Results show that our recycled yarn, when compared to new normal yarn, has an astonishing 98% less environmental impact. 

Marketing literature and display information can now be supported by a real evidence and Filatures du parc are pleased to promote the excellent environmental credentials of our 100% recycled yarn.