With 65 years of experience, "Filatures du parc" have acquired technics and knowledge recognised and appreciated in the manufacture of classic and fancy carded yarns.

Our equipment, all of the latest technology, produces on a daily basis over 10000 kgs of both classic and fancy woollen spun yarns from N.m 1/1000 to N.m 1/20000. 

Our ranges of yarn comprising blends of animal, vegetal or synthtic fibres, covers over 40 qualities in stock service.

With a continuous research at our testing and research laboratories.

We are able to design yarns for knitwear, hosiery, weaving, upholstery, carpet, handknitting yarns.

Development of technical or specific products available.

Computer control of all manufacturing processes and customer orders ensures that all delivery and quality aspects are carefully followed.

We are leading European spinner of carded yarns, exporting our products worldwide.

Our quality standards and presence all over the world, will make us your future partner.